About Us

Our Journey

5 years back White Turtle Studios began from an idea. An idea of entering the entertainment industry with 2 things, passion & skill. Today we are 40+ creatively sparked professional turtles running the race, leading the industry, based on the foundation set by the founders, Ankit Bhatia & Avinash Rajan.

Working with Us

At White Turtle Studio, it’s all about the idea. Implanting it in the mind of the audience. Breaking away from the cacophony of sight and sound around us. To Invent. To identify with innovation. Influence perception. Maximise recall. Connect with demographics. Communicate. Convince.

Meet The Founders

Ankit Bhatia

Mr. White

An editor by heart, hand & soul, Ankit Bhatia is the business foundation of White Turtle Studios. Having worked for numerous years with the film fraternity, his expertise & industry relations have helped drive the turtles to global standards.

Avinash Rajan

Mr. Turtle

An innovative, driven leader, with a keen knack to enhance visual perceptions by leveraging the power of graphics in films, Ads, TV shows & a lot more. With decades of experience under the hood, White Turtle Studios has always been a dream project for Avinash Rajan & producing industry leading visuals for brands across the globe, the reality!